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Gerd Wasser, MD (Germany, 1995) compared 45 patients with acute brain stroke who had been given ozone therapy. Surprisingly, 40 patients (89%) were healed perfectly without any remain symptoms, 5 patients (11%) were healed with minimum remain symptoms, and none of them experienced severe paralysis. Without ozone therapy, generally will 30% die, 55% cured with light paralysis and 15% invalid.
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Adv. Ozone Therapy
Adv. Ozone Therapy
  • EBOO Method
  • Major AHT Method
  • Subcutan Ozone Therapy (SOT)
  • Bagging Ozone Therapy (BOT)
  • Vaginal Ozone Therapy (VOT)
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Lipodissolve could also be done at once along with Advanced Ozone Therapy such as AHT (Major Auto Hemotherapy) and EBOO (Extra-corporeal Blood Circulation against Oxygen Ozone) for a better result.