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rokok berdampak buruk terhadap kesehatan paru-paru, jantung dan pembuluh darah  


beratnya pencemaran serta berbagai sikap perilaku tak sehat telah berdampak menumpuknya berbagai sampah metabolisme dan radikal bebas beracun di dalam tubuh kita  

Healthy Solution :

  • Growing old is a normal process of life. But, what should be done if you are showing early aging signs, suffering from frequent illnesses, and continually experiencing low energy level?

  • Early aging and cell degeneration are indicated by the appearance of wrinkles, darkened, rough, and less elasticity of skin. Lost of physical strength and vigor. Drastically declining sexual libido, heavy breath, heart beating, hypertension, migraine, menstrual and digestive problems. Swinging mood, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and lost of concentration.  If not taken for granted, these can harm the harmonious relationship within the family and work.


  • The diminishing concentration of oxygen, heavy pollution, and various unhealthy life style have caused to the bundling of metabolic wastes and poisonous free radical that finally cause many metabolic degenerative illness, and result in to early aging.

  • Generally, people are not aware about this. Though smoking has been proven as the reason for many diseases such as lungs, heart and coronary problems, hypertension, stroke, dysfunctional erection, still, many people cannot free themselves from smoking. Even more, to many, smoking is considered as the symbol of masculinity and satisfaction.

  • So to unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, stress, and lack of physical exercise have significantly increase the numbers of diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, heart, dysfunctional erection, rheumatic, and overweight consequences.

  • Overweight have caused stress, frustration, lack of self esteem, especially on female. For those who have done strict diet, well scheduled exercise, but still fail to overcome cellulite, no need to worry, because this trapped fat can be trounced by ozone therapy.