Ezio Migliavacca (54), an Italian man who lives in Seminyak, Bali, is conducting ozone therapy, EBOO method. He said that going to Jakarta once a week is not a big deal for him because he obtains satisfactory result of the therapy.




Subcutaneous Ozone Therapy

Vaginal Ozone Therapy

Ozone Bagging


Advanced Ozone Therapy 

Advanced ozone therapy will increase the amount of ATP, a form of molecule carrying the main chemical energy from our body, which empower our body metabolism. This will automatically hasten the process of healing.

Medical-ozone which is given into our blood will release single oxygen and photon energy which help neutralize free radicals and poisonous metabolic wastes. As the result, our blood will able to carry and release more oxygen to the cells and tissues over the body. This will slow down cells degradation and aging as well as prevents cells destructions caused by various diseases. Thus the increasing of ATP production will enhance our body immune system, so we will not easily get tired and exhausted, have better concentration, and can be physically more active.

In some European countries, ozone therapy is not considered as only an alternative, but has been used as complementary therapy which is integrated with many medical sciences. This is due to the capacity of ozone therapy to prevent, treat, and promote our body defense mechanism against infections, degenerations, and blood circulation problems.

Ozone Therapy Indications
Advanced ozone therapy proves to be safe, hasten healing process of illness, prevent and enhance bodily defense mechanism against diseases, such as:
  • Infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and virus
  • Metabolism and degenerations problems: diabetes, uric acid, triglycerides, high cholesterol, rheumatic, asthma, rhinitis, dermatitis, allergic, acne, pre-menopause syndrome, early-aging, dysfunctional erection. Besides that, it also makes us look younger and energetic.
  • Blood circulation problems, coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, vertigo, migraine, threatening gangrene
  • Increase our functional body defense, revitalized general health condition of cancer sufferer and other chronic diseases.

Ozone Therapy Methods

AHT (Major Auto Hemotherapy)
A method in which 2-3 % of our blood will be taken out from the vein and filled into a sterile disposable vacuum bottle, then mixed with medical ozone, then returned it through the same vein.

EBOO (Extra-corporeal Blood Circulation against Oxygen Ozone)
The latest ozone therapy method which enable the useful medical ozone to be given in a safe optimal amount of 4-6 litter blood outside the body - when the blood pass the dialyzed tube (sterile, disposable). This therapy last for an hour. The other advantage is, while the therapy is in progress, the patient is in  conscious condition even though he/she will feel no  pain at all.

Subcutaneous Ozone Therapy
This is a method where medical ozone is given directly through a very tiny needle (painless) to the sub cutis tissue. This method fastens the healing process of injury and left unnoticeable scar. This method is widely used to cure neuralgia, acne and anti aging. The therapy makes the skin tighter and younger.
Vaginal Ozone Therapy (VOT)
The healthy female sex organs need to be treated with medical ozone, which is very safe and effective to eliminate the odor and itching because of vaginal discharge (fluor albus). Also very good to treat the infertility in women of childbearing age and help the postpartum recovery. Various micro-organisms such as fungi, trichomonas, bacteria, and viruses as a cause of inflammation of the vagina were very sensitive to medical ozone. VOT will improve and enhance the health of the vagina by stimulate the anti-oxidants and enhance the body's immune system. VOT also improves the blood circulation to tissue cells so increases our cell regeneration process, especially in the vagina, making it more strongly to the possibility of infected microorganisms and make it more healthy, clean and comfortable. 
Ozone Bagging (Chamber External Ozone Therapy)
In this type of ozone therapy method, medical ozone in a certain concentration is pumped continuously into a sealed plastic bag which wrapped around injuries or wounded part of the body. This method is useful to cure various skin problems such as burn, diabetic ulcer, threatening gangrene, skin infection, etc. The medical ozone will reduce the growth of germs, which caused infections, increasing blood circulation and the healing process will be hastened quickly.

The Successes of Ozone Therapy

  • The success of healing is so influenced by the severity and period of illness, precision of treatment method, quality of equipments and the medical staff skills.
  • For this reason everyone who gets an ozone therapy need to know accurately the amount and concentration of ozone given to him/her. If the amount and concentration is too low the therapeutic effect will not be reached, in the opposite, if it too high then it can damage our own body.
  • Besides that, the spare parts being used have to accomplish the standard procedure: qualified, sterile, and disposable in order to prevent contagious diseases.