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Lipodissolve Therapy will prevent the ability of tissues to keep and store the fat, at the same time increase the ability of tissues to burn fat.

  • Lipodissolve is a development of mesotherapy. After observing the phosphatidyl-choline effect (lipostabile) of human gall bladder which has emulsifier effect (ability to increase the fat digestion), Dr Patricia Rittes (Brazil) developed lipodissolve method. A method of injecting phosphatidyl-choline (PC) directly into the fat tissue (cellulite). The result was very satisfying
  • Today many medicine combinations are available to treat cellulite or excessive fat, without causing significant side effect
  • Worth to know, that there are numerous causes of cellulite, among other: bad blood and lymph circulations, weakening connective tissues, growing lipid cell, bad diet, and over-eating habit


Lipodissolve Indication

Today, lipodissolve is widely used to treat various diseases such as:

  • Localized fat – body & face
  • Cellulite