Dr.Welly Sondakh & Dr.Gerd Wasser
Dr.Welly Sondakh & Dr.Gerd Wasser

Gerd H. Wasser, M.D. __  Former Vice President, German Medical Association For Use of Ozone in Prevention and Therapy

Research conducted by Dr. Gerd Wasser (Germany, 1995) shown that ozone therapy has given satisfying results to patients who had recently suffered from acute brain stroke. Of 45 patients treated with ozone therapy 40 patients (89%) had perfectly cured without any remain symptoms, 5 patients (11%) cured with minimum remain symptoms. None of them had serious paralysis. Without ozone therapy, generally will 30% die, 55% cured with light paralysis and 15% invalid. For this reason, Dr. Gerd Wasser suggested that ozone therapy should be given immediately to any stroke patient to prevent permanent paralysis.
Ozone therapy will increase oxygen supply, ATP, and glucose to the brain tissues to hinder hypoxia effect (acidosis, decreasing ATP, increasing calcium ion, glutamate receptor aspartate, releasing Reactive Oxygen Species, proteinase) which can damage neuron tissues. (Small 1999, Rosenberg 1999)

According to Dr. Gerd Wasser, ozone therapy will also increase the circulation of coronary blood up to 60%, while the need of oxygen decrease 30%, this will be very helpful for those who suffer from coronary problems.

Johnny Lantang pasca stroke
Johnny Lantang pasca stroke

MSCT before ozone therapy
MSCT before ozone therapy

MSCT after ozone therapy 
MSCT after ozone therapy

Bapak Saleh Basarah (Mantan Kepala Staf AURI)
Mr. Saleh Basarah 

Lientje S
Lientje S

Dr Welly Sondakh and Prof Oleg Maslennikov
Dr Welly Sondakh and Prof Oleg Maslennikov


Danny H
Danny H

Tinneke L

  Mr. OSX


  Mr. Jeffrey Bomes 


  Mr. Simon Galloway


  Mrs. Lydia Bruce 


  Mr. Jen Truran

  Mrs. Colleen Kincaid Smith

Treating Stroke
Johnny N. Lantang (71 years) retirement of Firefighter Division in Jakarta, was once very healthy, not knowing that his thrombosis aggregation, cholesterol, and uric acid, have increased rapidly. The effect was, on March 19, 2005, all of a sudden he had a stroke, his speech becoming unclear. He was taken to the hospital and had medical treatment. MRI result shown that there was a sub acute infarct in the corona radiate area, putamen and right external capsule.

Back home, he had at home treatment at the neural department, physiotherapy and acupuncture for 4 months but his right hand and left legs were still very weak. For this reason, since July 13, 2005, he took Advanced Ozone Therapy (EBOO method) at Doctor Welly’s clinic. After 3 times therapy the result was clear, the strength of both his right hand and left leg were regain. “Praise the Lord” was what he said showing his gratitude and happiness over the satisfying result of the therapy. After 5 times taking ozone therapy, he can go back to his activities, even to drive his car! At top of everything, on October 15, 2007, he celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary and at the same time celebrated his 73rd birthday. To maintain his health, Mr. Johnny still keeps on his ozone therapy once a month.

Treating coronary problems.
Syarif (62 years), stated that he had a miraculous result after taking ozone therapy. According to Syarif, at the beginning he was weakening and having problem for concentration. He thought these were just normal. Until one day, he felt an awful pain on his chest, sweaty, pale and felt exhausted. He was taken to the hospital and claimed as having coronary tapering. After being hospitalized, afraid of ring installation and by pass operation, he came to try ozone therapy using AHT method which he took for 10 times. The result was satisfying, he recovered, his triglyceride and cholesterol declined, and his blood pressure were back to normal. For a sustainable result, now he is still taking the therapy once a month.

Now, there are some patients in Doctor Welly’s clinic who once experience ring installation and took a by pass operation. It is important to bear in mind that if the bad blood condition and body metabolism are maintain without trying to change the unhealthy lifestyle, the coronary tapering apparently  will occur again within a couple of years. 

Mr. Saleh Basarah (former Head of Staff of Indonesian Air Force) recounts his extraordinary experiences while he was doing ozone therapy in the clinic's Dr. Welly on the meeting of the Jakarta family retired Air Force (PPAU), on 14 February 2006. 

Treating sight problem

ARMD (age related macular degeneration) Lientje S. (71 years) suffers from serious sight problem, almost had a total blindness on her left eye. Based on fluorescein fundal angiosgrams (digital photograph) which was taken on January 5, 2006 has shown that there was a massive bleeding on the back sub retinal of her left eye. Doctors in Jakarta and Singapore thought that this was due to age related macular degeneration (ARMD) or because Polyploidal Choroidal Vasculopathy (PCV). Both are hard to cure. And it is not impossible that the same thing will happen to her right eye too. Because nothing could be done using the conventional medical treatment, Grandma Lientje decided to give a try on ozone therapy at Dr Welly’s. “Praise the Lord I regain my sight back gradually, even though, not as clear as the right eye, but now I can watch TV again.” she said happily.

Professor Oleg Maslennikov, Ozone Therapy expert of Russia.

Based on his experiment conducted in Ozone Therapy Center (Nizhegorodski Regional Hospital), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia in 1995 on 132 people aged 62-84,who suffered from diabetes and vessel tapening, and paralysis due to atherosclerosis, found that ozone therapy had given significant results. Similar results had been reported by Dr. Rokistansky from Vienna Hospital, Italy (1982), and Dr. J. Scroczynski from Poland (1989), and other experiment in Havanna, Cuba (1988).

The table below shown the experiment result in Ozone Therapy Center (Nizhegoroski Regional Hospital), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Ischemic heart disease
Discirculatory encephalopathy
Obliterating arterial diseases of lower extremities
Chronic gastritis
Ulcer diseases
Deforming osteoarthritis
Mono- and polyneuropathies
Bronchial asthma
Secondary immunodeficiency syndromes
Diabetes 89%

Therapy ozone will stimulate enzyme 2,3-diphospho-glycerate (1,3-DPG), increases the number of oxygen released to the body, and increases physical strength. Ozone therapy will reduce NADH to help cytochrome oxidation, affect prostacycline vasodilator, and increase oxygen saturation (“pO2”) in the blood. With the improvement of vacuolization (neurovascularisasion), increasing oxygen supply, ATP, and glucose the healing process will also hasten.

Treating Diabetes Mellitus Problem
Danny H. (55 years), was frustrated as his uncontrollable blood sugar rapidly increasing even tough he did a tight diet and consume many medicines for his diabetes. But after all the treatments he even suffered from complication on his feet. It was hardly cured. Then, after taking an ozone therapy using EBOO method for 6 times, his blood sugar decline gradually and significantly from 390 to 172 mg/100ml. At the same time, his cholesterol, trigliseric, and uric acid, become normal.

Treating Pre Menstrual Syndrome
Tinneke L. (48 years), was first tried ozone therapy at Doctor Welly’s because she was easily get tired and hard to sleep. She also had menstrual problems, which was stop 6 months ago. But after having ozone therapy at the clinic, now she feels much better, more energetic, stable emotions, happier, and above all, her menstrual cycle comes regularly.

Treating Viral infection
Mr. OSX (54 years) previously had struggled for 25 years to free himself from the Herpes Simplex Virus type 2, but still failed. Relapse often occurs. Finally, after receiving advice from a friend, Mr. OSX started the EBOO method of ozone therapy. The results were encouraging, where after a couple of times ozone therapy, the immunity increased rapidly so that relapse has never happened again. Also, his energy and passion rise again, making Mr. OSX can begin to live again his activities as a Yoga teacher. Thanks to the friend who had introduced Mr. OSX to ozone therapy. Mr. OSX wishes that this very useful ozone therapy facility at Dr Welly’s Clinic can be used by many people.


Mr. Jeffrey Bomes

Mr. Jeffrey Bomes.  Eight years ago, I had all my amalgam fillings removed, and in doing so absorbed mercury vapor, enough so I was very sick with mercury poisoning for the next 4 years. I worked with a student of DR Klinghardt and got much better, but I could not shake the chronic fatigue that came along with the mercury. I heard about ozone, and traveled to Jakarta the first year, sometimes a couple times a month, at other times just a few times in the year. Three years ago, Dr. Welly opened the Advanced Ozone Clinic in Bali where I live.  

I was able to go as much as I wanted.  I did it about once a week, for 6 weeks, then every other week, for another 6 weeks, Then I’ve been going about once every four to six weeks for the past 3 years. I have my energy back, and I put it down to ozone, It was not a fast fix, but a full fix.  I also realize I have not been sick one time since I’ve been doing ozone except for Dengue fever, which most experts think is luck of the draw and not immune system.  

After doing ozone 1 time I was up and better from the Dengue.  I did it every 5 days, (3 more times) was incredible how fast I was 100%. We are very lucky to live here if not just for the sake that we can do ozone, and big pharma has not come and taken this incredible oxygen therapy away from us.  I think there will be a time in the future when ozone will be a major component in the world of medicine. 


Mr. Simon Galloway

Mr. Simon Galloway. From doing regular long haul flights I was doing everything before, during and after the flights that I knew to reduce what used to be 3 to 5 days recovery from ‘Jet-lag'. Now, after receiving The EBOO Ozone Therapy at Doctor Welly’s Advanced Ozone Therapy the next day after flying back, there is no effect from ‘Jet-lag' and my energy levels and sense of well-being are at their normal function.

I now use Doctor Welly’s Advanced Ozone Therapy regularly as a preventative for living a busy and active lifestyle in a polluted, toxic, global society and I am happy to say I have not been sick since.   Doctor and the nurses at Dr.Welly’s Clinic are friendly and attentive professionals who help me feel completely safe and relaxed with their treatment and service at the clinic.   

After 4 years of experimenting and receiving many different forms of natural therapies and technologies, the EBOO Therapy at Doctor Welly’s Advanced Ozone Therapy is the best of the best.  

Kind regards,

Simon Galloway


Mrs. Lydia Bruce

Lydia Bruce (Mrs. Richard W Bruce). I live in the United States and I have been extremely ill for about fifteen years.  I have seen over one hundred doctors in the U.S. and Mexico during this time, trying to find out what has been causing my poor health and what I could do to become well.  However, few doctors could ever really explain what was wrong or what I could do to become well and stay healthy.

Various alternative treatments helped, at different times, for awhile. I was able to come to the conclusion that my blood and urine were continually filled with waste, toxicity and infections, due to a poor digestive system.  This combination of problems can and does cause chronic deterioration and, ultimately, death.  I finally found out, first of all, about autohemotherapy, which I had been doing at a great clinic in the U.S., before going to Dr. Welly's clinic.  

It helped, but did not give me back the full quality of life that I was looking for.  Finally, I discovered EBOO RHP therapy.  I spoke with different clinics in Bali and Malaysia.  Most gave me incorrect answers, which made me very anxious.  They also wanted approximately $10,000 sent to them before I ever even arrived.  Dr. Welly's clinic was the only one that answered my questions honestly and sincerely and did not ask for any money up front, before I even arrived.  They also offered the best price for the treatments and help with finding a wonderful, small, new hotel, five minutes walk from their clinic.    

Everyone was so wonderful, caring and professional.  I received eight treatments over a period of one month.  I immediately started feeling wonderful with the first treatment, and better than I had in twenty years.  This continued for the whole month.  I had suffered from boughts of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, constant inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constant viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, serious allergies, Acid Reflux Disease and more. 

The EBOO treatments provided a miracle for me and showed me that I could be well again, after years of sickness.  I would highly recommend Dr. Welly's Clinic and the therapies provided for anyone who is sick from any illness.  Getting this treatment was the best decision I have ever made regarding my poor health!!!  I traveled to the other side of the world for this help and they did not disappoint me.

 I sincerely hope that this testimonial helps you to continue with your great success in helping sick people and I am so glad that I came!!! Please stay in touch and continue to pray for me, as I will for you. I do feel that I will see you again, whether me there or you here. 

Sincerely,  Lydia Bruce (Mrs. Richard W Bruce)


Jex Truran

Jen Truran.  My son Jex who has Usher syndrome (Deaf + retinitis pigmentosa) will be returning to Indonesia for more ozone treatments soon. We'll be in Indonesia till Oct 15, so hope to fit in 4-5 treatments in the 3 weeks.  Jex says that colours are brighter for him since he had 3 treatments in May/June, and I have found communication (in sign language) easier...... before ozone he would often not understand what I signed, and I often needed to repeat it in better light, or he needed to touch my hands whilst I signed. One day about 3 weeks after we returned to Sydney I realized that communication was faster and smoother...... and less frustrating for us all......He was understanding what I signed the first time, and not asking me to repeat it several times!  

So here's hoping that ozone therapy can help preserve the rest of his vision and even improve it more. Very exciting!

Kind Regards

Jen Truran   


Mrs. Colleen Kincaid Smith (54 years old)

With multiple myeloma and amyloidosis of the kidney, wrote: "I was warmly received at Dr. Welly's clinic in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr. Welly is a talented, attentive and compassionate practitioner. He completed an initial examination, reviewed all my medical records and in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect we determined a course of treatment for my condition." "I arrived at Dr. Welly's with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma and amyloidosis of the kidney. I also has 4 other pre-existing autoimmune disorders. I was quite frail and anxious, but Dr. Welly and his wife Henny went out of their way to assist me in every way possible to feel comfortable, safe and cared for." "I was having some problems at the hotel I was staying at, and so Dr. Welly's wife Henny made arrangements with one of the tenants in the office building where the clinic was, and arranged to move me into the building where I could be closer to the clinic and doctor if I needed any assistance. This helped me so much to feel safe and secure as I was travelling alone, it was my first time overseas, and I was very, very ill."

While in Jakarta, I received a total of 9 EBOO treatments and 2 major autohemotherapy treatments along with some nutritional IV's." "An underlying problem that also accompanied me on my journey was a history of dysmenorrhea ... heavy menses that would last 10-12 days, then I would have 2 weeks off and it would all start over again. I experienced terrible cramps and mood swings and sometimes would be in bed for 2-3 days with overwhelming fatigue. After only one EBOO treatment, my menses returned to normal, 4-5 days menses, minimal cramping, no mood swings ... I found this to be quite impressive. As a result of my treatments, my menses continue to be normal and the results of the EBOO have proven to be long lasting as my menses remain regular even after 5 months of no EBOO treatment."

"Dr Welly's clinic is in the heart of the city, in a modern building with a number of other businesses and services." "The clinic is clean, fresh and well organized. There is a waiting room, a consulting office and a treatment room with 4 beds. Dr. Welly's nurse is a highly skilled former ICU nurse who was absolutely lovely to work with." "Dr. Welly was present, attentive and supervised all of my treatments from start to finish. Everyone in the office speaks good English. "The cost of treatments was affordable, with nothing hidden and you could even arrange for a small discount if you paid for several treatments in advance." "For ongoing and maintenance treatment, I would not hesitate to seek the services of Dr. Welly"

"During my stay in Jakarta, I also needed to have an MRI done. This was arranged through Dr. Welly's clinic. When the written report came back, there were some obvious errors in the interpretation. Dr. Welly contacted one of his colleagues and accompanied me to a consult with a talented radiologist who gave a very clear interpretation of my tests, all for no charge."

"I have only good things to say about Dr. Welly, his staff and his clinic ... Wonderful! For anyone seeking EBOO treatments. Dr. Welly's clinic is a very safe, trustworthy and viable option with all the support services you could need in terms of hospitalization or diagnostic testing." "Dr. Welly's treatment was safe, effective and affordable"